In the Beginning...

Welcome to J-M Ranch

At the J-M Ranch I believe in breeding the "whole horse:" great minds, wonderful dispositions, functional conformations, good hooves, and colorful coat patterns. Every breeder designs a breeding program to develop their "ideal horse," and often caters to one or two specific customer venues. The Appaloosa breed so readily lends itself to many ideals and across many venues.

My Mission: To raise an intelligent, athletic horse with a "can-do" attitude, with the heart and mind to be a true partner in any endeavor.
My Vision: To breed a versatile Appaloosa, with a well-rounded and functional conformation by concentrating on Foundation and proven performance bloodlines; and to further the color genetics of the Appaloosa breed by studying and practicing the work and advice of The Appaloosa Project.
My Core Values of integrity, reliability, and innovation guide me in the business aspect of my operation.

First step:
Moved to larger acreage in Kentucky to support my herd...Accomplished! fences, build shelters, hay barn/play arena, etc.
Second step:
Reduce my herd to more manageable size; retirement = limited budget!
Working on this one...
Third step:
Gradually convert my remaining herd to leopard & non-characteristic mares...
Selective breeding choices (stallions) of the local area. Hoping to avoid having a stallion around.
Fourth step:
Spend more time enjoying my horses! Trail-rides, performance events, etc.

     Jeri Mainwaring


post-Summer 2010: Mild (and STORMY) Kentucky - Final Move = Build and Improve!

KY hillside    Fencing in KY
Summer 2009-2010: Hot and Dry (or MUDDY) Texas - Flexibility = More acreage!

Summer in TX    Winter in TX

pre-2009: Scenic (or SNOWY) Wisconsin - Retirement = Warmer temperatures!

Summer in WI    Winter - Why I left WI